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For orders coming from outside germany we'll accept only payment by credit card (Visa / Mastercard). If you wish a title you don't find on our list, our italLIBRI team will be pleased to help you. Contact us per email:


Of course we can also order books that aren't on our list (as far as available). We'll search for you in the italian Books in print catalogue (450.000 titles). In this case you'll have to wait 2-4 weeks.
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Do you want to send a present? It's easy. Select the title you want and put it into the shopping basket; you'll be asked if you want to select a gift paper and a gift card - then you can write your message. Insert your address and the address to be delivered at. Confirm your order - that's it! If you wish to write the message yourself, don't write any message and let both gift and card be delivered at your address.

Here a review of our website, so that you can easier find the book you're looking for:

Letteratura italiana -
italian literature (modern and classic), easy readers, bilingual editions, literature

Letteratura straniera -
foreign literature

Saggistica -
essays (history, economics, social sciences, ...)

Lingua italiana -
language learning books, grammars, didactic, linguistics

Dizionari/enciclopedie -
dictionaries + reference works

Libri per bambini - children books

Fumetti - comics

Cucina - cooking

Turismo - travelling guides

Videocassette - Videos + books about film

Giochi - games, calendars, paper

Esoterica/religione - esoteric, religion, philosopy

psicologia/salute - health, psychology

illustrati & varia - various, for example books about usages, giftbooks, humor, fotobooks